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The purpose of this web site is to support those interested in using
Precision Teaching and Standard Celebration Charting.

I welcome any comments or feedback you have about this web site.

Received an undergraduate degree in psychology
and a master’s degree in special education
with an emphasis on applied behavior analysis.

Worked as both a behavior analyst and
special education teacher using both
effective teaching and behavioral change
practices with a range of
learners with disabilities.

Research focuses on explicit instruction
and methods for
facilitating instructional decision-making.

I also take a keen interest in providing my readers and students
with referrals to valuable teaching resources for all walks of life.
In my 17 years in the educational industry i have come to know
some trusted peers whom i have either used personally or someone close
to me has used and recommended. Just last week a friend shared with me
the career boosting experience she had undertaking a set of massage courses
with a reputable Australian massage training school. When someone speaks so
glowingly of an educational resource i feel it is my duty to share that
provider as i know that quality education equips people with the
knowledge to not only better their own lives, but also the lives of
the people they service through their chosen profession.

I am also happy to answer any questions you may have,
here is just a recent question i received…

“Hi, My brother and I are both forklift drivers but are wanting
to expand our skill set by learning to operate heavy vehicles such as
trucks and bobcats. Do you know of a truck driving school Sydney
based that could help us get licensed for such vehicles?

Regards, John Terry

I was happy to let John know of a driving school that my very own nephew
had used 3 year prior to obtain his truck license. My nephew had mentioned
about the patience and professionalism with which that school conducted
it’s training so i was more than willing to refer John and his brother to their service.

If you have a similar question about seeking a particular education resource
please feel free to contact me and i will be happy to get back to you with
any information on a resource i may have heard good things about.


When I recommend any course, in any particular field I do so with the utmost confidence
because I have either attended one of their courses personally or had the privilege of being
invited as a guest, much like last week when I got asked to attend one of
Sage Aged Care courses and found it to be one of the most informative and thorough
training sessions on the market.